Hugo Romeu MD

About Hugo Romeu MD

Hugo Romeu, MD, was born in Cuba. His father was a well-known and successful dentist, and his mother was a CPA. In 1960, the family gave up a good life and moved to Chicago to get away from the cruel Castro government. Hugo Romeu went to the best schools when he was in elementary school, and he finished high school at Loyola Academy. He went on many trips and went to Loyola University in Chicago and Rome, Italy, to study. As part of his medical education, he did his post-graduate work at the State University of New York and his residencies at SUNY, St. Joseph Hospital in Milwaukee, and the Cook County Medical Examiners Office.

Hugo Romeu MD was part of the first class to graduate from Ross University School of Medicine in 1980. He then joined the US Army and worked as a doctor at a hospital in Germany. Dr. Romeu worked as the Chief of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine for many hospitals and other places around the world when he went back to civilian life. Dr. Romeu is very interested in learning new things and has also finished the Forensic Pathology Residency Program at the Cook County Medical Examiners Office. He has worked in many areas of medicine for more than 40 years, such as molecular pathology and forensic pathology.

Today, Dr. Romeu's main job is to come up with new ways to diagnose and treat diseases. Since 1995, he has been the managing partner of Romeu Clinical Enterprises, which does business as RCE Group USA in Miami, Florida. He has finished more than 600 research trials. Here, Dr. Romeu is in charge of a group of experts in pathology, dermatology, clinical research, and other new fields. During the pandemic, Dr. Romeu moved most of the company's resources to research into testing, diagnosis, and treatment to help fight COVID 19. He also put out a series of educational videos on YouTube to help teach people.

Hugo Romeu MD is proud of what his company has done for the people of South Florida. RCE is a Certified Community Health Center that helps people in poor areas with a wide range of services. The organization's medical model includes primary care, research, and education about health. RCE Group USA has been successful for the past 25 years since Romeu's great-grandfather and his mother started it. Dr. Romeu's daughter now works for the company, which shows that the family business model still works well.