HueWee Smack VR

32 Mbyte zip


Race against robotic arm to catch HueWee - colored wave energy emitting balls. Smack or pop the balls with your virtual hands. Touch in correct color sequence shown on the Indicator Screen to advance.

  • Exercise your motor skills with hand eye coordination.

  • Challenge your short-term memory and reaction time.

  • Or just have fun popping and smacking balls and wrack some havoc..

Bounce the color ball by touching with virtual hands

  • Touch with pinched the hand will pop and recycle ball immediately

  • Match color in sequence to move to next level of difficulty

  • Knock down various background energy cell for extra points.

  • Disable the Robo arm by hitting the core color cube with ball. Arm will no longer remove the

For Windows 10 Mixed Reality

BETA 0.9

Try in Windows Mixed Reality

Unzip the folder. Click on HueweeSmack.exe to launch game


Using positional tracking with dual controller.

PLAY within 3 feet by 3feet bounding area.