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What Do Recruitment Agencies Do?

The Australian economy is one of the most productive in the world and much of its success relates to the laws and legislations that are in place to protect workers and employees in the workplace, often referred to as HR policies. There are many ways to apply for work in the country, but one of the most popular is via recruitment agencies.

These dedicated services are in place to connect viable candidates with prospective employers, but what is it that they do differently to others out there and what do they do exactly?

The Goal of an Employee Recruitment Service

Generally speaking, it is the role of a recruitment agency to collect data on potential employees in an effort to connect them with their ideal position. That is especially the case within Australia, where the role of a recruitment service differs to other parts of the world because of the way in which employee law works in the country.

In an effort to avoid possible issues from arising in the workplace, more and more company owners are attempting to hire those that require a smaller amount of training, whilst possessing experience in the field in which they are applying to work. The reason behind this is that if a candidate is better-prepared for their new role, the company expenses will be less - but that’s not the only consideration.

Targeting Skills Based Recruitment

There’s also the fact that by focusing on hiring those with the skills to fulfil a particular role can help to minimise conflicts within the workplace – which, after a recent study took place, confirmed that 1 in 6 arguments at work transpired as a result of an incompatible employee being hired. Many businesses believe that in order to maintain productivity, only those that actually want to undertake the role should be considered for the position.

And this is what recruitment agencies specialise in. It’s their job to evaluate the skills, expertise and knowledge of potential candidates before encouraging them to pursue roles in particular settings. Although these agencies work in a third party capacity, this can actually be far more beneficial than having a dedicated branch within a company because of the unbiased manner in which they approach their responsibilities.

Are Third Party Services Better Than In-House Alternatives For Recruitment?

The answer to this question will typically depend on the role that the third party service is offering. Plenty of businesses outsource their HR and recruitment workload and larger enterprises will often struggle to cope with the hiring and firing of staff when they attempt to do it internally. This is why a recruitment agency can be beneficial in these instances, mainly due to the fact that they will A) undertake all of the leg work to connect an employee with a business and B) they will take on quite a large amount of responsibility should things go wrong – allowing the business to be better protected in some cases.

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