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Hotmail later known as is a personal information manager web app provides founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in 1996. Microsoft owned Hotmail against $400 million in 1997 and relaunched as MSN Hotmail which is rebrand later as Windows live Hotmail. It is was become a part of the Windows Live site of products.

Microsoft discontinues the service of Windows Live Hotmail in October 2011 and relaunches the service as with more improved features. The name "HoTMaiL" is the combination of two words "HTML" and "Mail". In the beginning, the limit of storage offered by windows lives Hotmail is 2MB.In the beginning, it was launched with Four11's RocketMail (later Yahoo! mail).

Transition to

on 31 July 2012, Beta Version of was introduced by Microsoft to the general public. Hotmail users can freely upgrade the previous version of Microsoft deploys the upgrade on 3 April 2013. The existing users can log in Hotmail accounts and for new users, a new prefix was introduced. New Users can create a Hotmail account using both and prefix. has 400 million active users in 2014.

Components Provided by Hotmail

  1. Mail.

  2. Calander.

  3. People.

  4. To DO.

Protocols Support By Hotmail for Mail client Access.

  1. Outlook support WebDAV but it was discontinued on 1 September 2009.

  2. Windows live Hotmail introduce Microsoft office XP with integrated support in 2002.

  3. Microsoft Outlook Hotmail connector uses DeltaSync its plugin form Microsoft Hotmail 2003,2007 or 2010.

  4. Hotmail uses POP3(Post Office Protocol)Version3 to make available for all accounts as part of "Wave3".

  5. By using Wave4 by outlook it allows users to sync More than emails like contacts and calendar.

  6. IMAP and OAuth support was added to Windows live Hotmail on 12, September 2013.

  7. Windows live Hotmail Added amazing feature in November 2019 It allows the user to play their email aloud in outlook app.

Hotmail Features.

  1. Office Integration In Hotmail

During this busy life, no one has time to download and edit a file in their device. Hotmail offers its users to edit files online in their webmail. user can save their file into one drive and can access or edit from anywhere it just required Hotmail login.

This feature makes easy to use and saves time and effort.

2. Skype Integration With Hotmail login.

Microsoft introduces skype in 2013, it allows users to have a Skype video call by using Hotmail or outlook account. you do not need to create a separate account for skype you just need to Hotmail login Account and you can start using all features of skype provided by Microsoft.

3. Hotmail Security

Hotmail promised its users to keep their information private and secure for this purpose Hotmail does not scan your data and emails to keep it private. Hotmail uses Https (hypertext transfer protocol secure) protocol to keep secure user data and information. the data is encrypted while sending and receiving the message.

Note: to avail of these features you need Hotmail login. Follow the below guide to sign in easily.

Hotmail Login / Hotmail Sign in

Are you new to Hotmail? you want Hotmail login account You can do it by following some easy steps mention below. It will guide you about Hotmail login and solve your Hotmail sign in issues, but if you are facing any other issue contact or support team we guide you to solve your login issues and make your login process simple and easy which is provided by Microsoft.

Outlook / Hotmail Login Via Windows or Mac Web Browser

  1. locate your web Browser and lunch it in your device. browse the Hotmail login page by searching on the search engine or by visiting the direct Hotmail sign-in page by clicking the link:

  2. Hotmail required your email and password to sign in. Firstly, enter your email address in the required field of Email and click the Next button. here, It required a valid password, Provide your password (if you want to keep your Hotmail sign in then check "Keep me signed in" option) and click Sign in button.

  3. By clicking the Sign in button outlook your credentials and redirect you to the dashboard of your webmail. Here you can use all features provided by Microsoft after Hotmail sign in. "outlook"

Outlook / Hotmail Login Via Mobile Devices.

Explore more features by by using the official outlook app.

  1. Download the official Outlook App from Google play store or App Store. you can easily find the office app by search term "outlook" on both App and Play stores. Now download and install it in your device.

  2. make sure the Hotmail app is properly installed and ready to use. launch outlook app and go to setting. here enter your Hotmail email in the required email field before click on the continue button make sure you enter the correct email with a prefix then tap the Continue button.

  3. Now outlook asks for your password. Enter Valid password in required field tap on Next/ Sign in.

  4. A message screen will display to take permission to sync your content like calendar contact and more. if you think it is safe to keep your information sync with your Hotmail account you can tap in "Yes" to allow outlook app sync your data and click "NO" to deny permission.

  5. After completed the Hotmail login steps mention above. you can use all features provided by Microsoft for outlook app After outlook or Hotmail sign in.

Recover Hotmail login Account

Have forgotten your account password and facing issue while Hotmail signs in? Follow these simple step to recover your account in a few minutes

  1. Browse Hotmail login page by your web browser

  2. Enter your Email address and click on the Next button.

  3. click on "Forget My Password" Link. Now choose the verification method and verify it's you.

  4. outlook will ask a new password for your Hotmail account. Keep your password strong and make it remember it.

  5. Congratulation, you have successfully recovered your Hotmail account and you can sign in Hotmail account using the new password. for the Hotmail login process follow the login steps mentioned above.

Hotmail email login FAQ's

Q: How can I login to my Hotmail Login account?

Go to sign-in page, Provide your Hotmail login details and click in the Login button. If your credentials are correct you will successfully login to Hotmail account.

Q: Are and the same?

Yes, was known as it's exactly the same and one brand. it allows users to create an email address with both suffixes (,

User has to log in their Hotmail and outlook suffix email using sign-in page.

Q: Is Hotmail still available? domain is no longer providing services to its users. Hotmail users can avail services by using

Q: How to recover my old Hotmail account?

visit enter your account detail then choose your OTP or Voice call Verification method. Once verification completes you can set a new password for your Hotmail account.

Q: What are Hotmail known now?

Microsoft rebrand Hotmail login account as Now Hotmail is Kown as

Q: Are Gmail and Hotmail the same?

Gmail and functionally Hotmail the same but there is some difference because both are provided by different companies Gmail account allows access to all services provided by Google. provides access to those services which is provided by Microsoft.

Q: Can I convert the Hotmail account to outlook?

You can easily convert your account to convert your account click on options and click on "free upgrade to" your Hotmail page will be converted to page.


This brief guide is about what is Hotmail and how to outlook / Hotmail login in just a few steps. if you are having issues during the login process you can go to recover your account steps to change your password.