Hotmail- login- Hotmail account

Hotmail is a free web-based email service provided by Microsoft company. It was first launched in 1999 with the name Hotmail, later in the year 2012 it was re-named as outlook. If you have a Microsoft account, then you can log in to your Hotmail mail easily. If you do not have username and password, then you have to sign up first.

HOW: Secure Log Into

Hotmail can be logged in from any device with an internet connection. For the convenience of Hotmail users, there are even apps for checking hotmail mail, chatting with you hotmail contacts to download. For checking email messages, sending emails, chatting, first you need to follow the steps below.:

Hotmail Login Steps:
  • You will be re-directed to login page.

  • From the sign in box on the right hand side, type in your email address on the first of the two blank boxes. Your email address can be, or

  • Enter your password on the next field. Please make sure you do not make mistake.

  • If you are using your personal computer or the device that you always use to sign in to your hotmail account, then you can tick the “Keep me signed in” box. This will save your password on to your device. If you are using public computer like in Cyber cafe, then leave the box unticked.

  • Finally click Sign in button.

  • If both of the email address and password matches, then the log in process will be successful and you will be re-directed to the mail inbox page. Otherwise you will receive the log in error message.


Fix login failed

If your login process is not successful or you keep seeing the log in error message, then do not worry. Here is how you can resolve those issues :

Do not get confused with your email address., and are all different. Even if both your username and password are correct, the process will fail if you make that mistake. Please try again with your correct email address:

  1. Make sure you do not make any spelling mistake. Password are always case-sensitive. So turn off the caps lock on your keyboard if it is on.

  2. If you forgot your username or password, then click on the ‘Can’t access your account?’ link from the bottom.

  3. Above is how to access your account and what can you do if you have problems during signing in to your account. If you still have any problems, then refer to other articles from out site.

Security features for Hotmail

There was a time when Hotmail users found their email accounts infiltrated and hacked into easily; with such security concerns Microsoft stepped up efforts to reduce such mishaps or the possibility of occurrence of the same the following changes were introduced:


Hotmail users were asked to choose passwords for their account that would be at least eight characters long; they should ideally contain alphanumeric characters and special characters as well.

In the account settings of Hotmail users are encouraged to save additional information that can help to secure their account further. For instance, they can activate the two step verification feature for logging into their account. They can also use the access code feature to surpass keying in of the password.

The additional details for security settings pertain to registering a valid phone number, email address and validating the same. These details are used by Hotmail when you have forgotten your account password or need to log in to your email account from a new computer or device.

The two step verification feature of Hotmail

Microsoft introduced this feature as a way to safeguard accounts of Hotmail and Outlook users. This requires one to additionally key in an access code that is sent to a registered phone number as a text message or emailed to an alternate email address. The process of two step verification for Hotmail accounts is as follows:

  • You need to activate the two step verification process by visiting the account security settings.

  • Here an account user needs to register a phone number; this is validated by keying in the code that is sent as a text message to the number.

  • The other option is to register an alternate email address or to do both. The email address also needs to be validated similarly.

  • Once these details are updated in one’s Hotmail account, they can avail of the two step verification feature to secure the login of their account.

  • The two step verification feature comes into effect when one is logging into their account for the first time from any device, whether it is a desktop or laptop; it also enables one to receive alerts when Microsoft detects that a new login attempt has been made.


Secure access to your account

This is an innovative way to securely access one’s Hotmail account without having to remember one’s password. At the same time, it also helps to secure one’s account from hacking attempts.

  • One is asked to download an app for their smart phone.

  • The app then syncs to one’s Hotmail account.

  • A code is sent to the app every time one wishes to access their account.

  • This code can be synced from the phone to one’s device or computer to provide access to Hotmail.

With the access code feature, a unique ID code is used which is sent to the registered phone of the user. This syncs and unlocks one’s Hotmail account, surpassing the requirement to key in the password.