Hotmail Login

Hotmail is rebranded to Microsoft outlook and owning by Microsoft. Hotmail was sold to Microsoft in $400 Million by the founders Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith In 1997. This is free email service.We will describe the process of how to login to Hotmail account and the enabling the 2-step verification that will secure our Hotmail account.

Login to

Login to Hotmail account is few steps away. You will need to go through these steps every time whenever you want to login to Hotmail account. Following are the steps to sign in to outlook/Hotmail account.

Hotmail login guide:

  1. Open Website In Browser: In this step go to and press the sign in button given at top right side of your screen.

  2. Typing Your Email: After pressing sign in button then you will be automatically redirected to Hotmail sign in page. There you will get a page with a box that will require Your Hotmail account address that you provided while your Hotmail account creation. After entering your Hotmail account address press the next button marked with red arrow.

  3. Typing Your Password: After step 2, you will be redirected to another step there you will need to enter your password and press the sign in button marked with red arrow.

By pressing the sign-in button you will be finally signed in. you will get a page of your Hotmail account and your inbox. These steps will be required to proceed whenever you login to your account.

In Case of forgot password Hotmail:

People also face a basic problem. Sometime people forget password and loss their access to their account but there is away to recover the account following are a few steps to know how to recover your account in case you forget your Hotmail account password.

  1. First of all go to the and press the sign in button. You will get the same process that we discussed before but when you get the password entering page you need to click on the forgot password button given at the left side of the box.

  2. When you press the button marked with red arrow, you will get another box looking like this one. There you will need to confirm the selected email address of your Gmail account where you will get a verification code that will verify your Hotmail login account that it’s you. And Press the Get Code button marked with arrow to proceed for the next step.

  3. Visit your Gmail account and your inbox Hotmail will send you a verification code copy that code and put it to the next step of your account verification procedure.

  4. Enter the verification code from your Gmail inbox and the click the next button.

  5. Here in this step you will get a page where you can recover your account and set a new password.

Set your new password and click on the Next button. This is the last step to getting your new password after this you can follow the Hotmail login process that we described on this page.

Hotmail login process using mobile phone:

Hotmail login process is quite easy on mobile also. For this purpose you need to follow some steps.

  1. Open the Hotmail/outlook app.

  2. You will have a screen with the option of connecting with the Google account you will skip that.

  3. After skipping that option you will get an option to provide your email address.

  4. Then you will get a screen of choosing account type like, Microsoft office 365, exchange or outlook.

  5. You will choose outlook to get into your Hotmail/outlook account.

  6. Once you do that then you will put your password of your Hotmail account.

  7. And then finally you will be logged in to your Hotmail account using android phone.

Secure your Hotmail account/ Safe login to Hotmail account:

Enabling 2-step verification: 2-step verification is a security feature to safe login to your accounts. For enabling this feature lets go through the process.

  1. First of all go to and signin to your Hotmail login account.

  2. After this click on your profile icon given at right top of your screen.

  3. Now click on the security option at the top of your screen marked red.

  4. Here you will need to select the two step verification option you will get instruction about 2-step verification click the button.

  5. Here on this screen you will have some option in a dialogue box like, an app, a phone number and an alternate email address. Click on the phone number.

  6. Next you will provide your phone number choosing your country and country code.

  7. After this you get a verification code on your phone number note that and enter that number after providing your phone number.

  8. On the next and last step you will get a special security code that code will be used for your verification while you need it to your login. Keep that code safe.