Implementing GST In Hotel Software

Enter Your GST No. While In Company Master at the time of creating a new company

Click Utilities >> Options

Select GST As Taxation System

Tax Slabs

Click Masters > Tax Slab to create Tax Slabs as per new GST System

Create Tax Slabs in this way.

GST in India is a dual taxation system.

In case of Local Sales (Within State), both center and state have share in the amount of tax. So we charge SGST [50%] and CGST [50%].

In case of Central Sales (Interstate). Only Central Govt. has right to get tax amount. So we charge IGST from customer.

Here’s how we’ll create tax slab

For example if GST is 12%, Then SGST and CGST will be 6% and 6% respectively. IGST will be defined as 12%.

Item Master

Input KOT’s as Regular entry (no change)

Create Bill

By Default it will automatically calculate SGST and CGST as per rates defined in Item Master.

In case customer belongs to another state, then check “IGST Applicable”

See Bill’s Effect in Day Book

As you can see, Accounts of CGST and SGST are automatically credited with the amount of tax being applicable.


Now See How to configure Rooms for Checkout Bills

“As Govt. of India have made clear that Hotels and lodges with a tariff below Rs 1,000 a day will be exempted from GST, while those with a room rate of between Rs 1,000-Rs 2,500 will be taxed at 12 per cent and those with a tariff of Rs 2,500-Rs 5,000 will attract 18 per cent tax.”

Goto Masters >> Room Type

Enter Room Type

Define Rate Structure

Select Tax Slab as per each Room Charges

Create Room No.’s

Goto Master >> Rooms

Select Room No. in Checkin Entry

Rates will be calculated as per Package and Room Type Combination

Generate KOT’s for all the services provided in this room

Create Checkout Bill

Notice Tax Amt being calculated

Rs. 1800/- Tax on Room Rent

Rs. 66/- Tax on Food

Click on “+” sign of Rent Amt for Clarification

See entry posting in Day Book

GST Reports

Click on Display >> GST Reports >> GSTR-1

GST Reports

GST Summary