Horror is a Progressive Black/Death Metal band from New York City that began in 2009. Christopher "Horror" Ferreira has also noted that people have coined the terms "Abstract Metal" or "Gray Metal" when trying to describe the music to him.

Horror officially began when five full length demo albums were self released online from 2010 through 2012 through various social networks and websites on the internet.

"Everyone Trying To Kill You", considered to be the first "album" release by Christopher "Horror" Ferreira (The sole member and mastermind behind Horror), was released May 28th, 2013 featuring nine official tracks to mark the first of many albums to come. Featuring a cleaner sound production wise. The follow up album ,"Kill Me, I'm Them" solidified the sound Horror would continue to use in the following albums.

‚ÄčThe fifth official album, a dual length release featuring 18 tracks called "The Illusion of Choice", released October 31st 2017.

Since then, Horror has garnered some underground attention through social media and various websites/blogs.

With almost 100 songs released to date, Christopher has stated, "I'll make music for Horror until I'm dead."

There is a new album slated for release end of 2019 or early 2020.