The Hopewell Network of Churches is doing church planting ministry among the Isaan people of Thailand. For an overview of the history of Hopewell Asia Missions, click here.

Here are some ways that you can partner with Hopewell Asia Missions in Thailand:


Through prayer, you can

help to bring spiritual

transformation to Thailand.

Sign up as a general prayer partner: Click here

Join the Hopewell Asia Missions prayer initiative (The 10:2 Prayer Challenge or Monthly Day of Prayer): Click here

For more information about the prayer initiative, click on the video below:


1. Support Hopewell Asia

Missions' ministry

and church planting

costs in Thailand.

Give online: Click here

Specify donation: "Hopewell Asia Missions"

2. Support a missionary:

Each Hopewell missionary is

responsible to raise their

personal financial support.

Click here to support a missionary.



Serve in Thailand for

several weeks to several

months at a time.

Click here for short-term mission opportunities.


Join Hopewell Asia

Missions' long-term

mission team in Thailand.

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