2020 Popcorn Sale

2020 Popcorn Sale has ended. Thank you to all scouts!

Step 1. Start here


  • Instructions to sign up your scout (for scouts who did not participate in the 2019 popcorn sale)

  • Refresher on how to use the app for online direct sales.

Step 2. Review slide deck at bottom of page before selling.



Reach out to Brigid Cox (Popcorn Kernel)
with any questions.

Why sell popcorn?

Pack registration for 2020 is $95, which is an amazing deal for a year of activities. The pack spends about $275 per scout on registration, events, and supplies each year. This includes:

  • Pinewood Derby

  • Blue and Gold

  • Pack Olympics

  • Pack Picnic

  • Chuck Wagon

  • Class B t-shirts

  • Scout Handbooks

  • Achievement Recognition Badges

  • Battleship Cove

  • Camping trips

  • Pack Meetings

We rely on popcorn sales to make up the $180 per scout budget shortfall. This is the only fundraiser we do as a pack.

What are the prizes this year?

Trails End and BSA has stepped up to bring the scouts great 2020 incentives in the form of Amazon gift cards. See how the Trails End incentive program works.

Pack 292-specific incentives

Any scout who sells $750 or more in popcorn will receive a Pack sponsored $50 discount on summer camp. This discount can be carried from year to year. If the scout chooses not to receive a camp discount, they can ask for a $25 DWC gift card.

Any scout who sells over $1,000 this year (online or in person) will get to throw a pie in the face of the Committee Chairman Mr. Godbout at the December pack meeting.

2020 Trails End popcorn Slide Deck

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