Hongseok Yang

I am a full professor at the School of Computing, KAIST, Korea. I am interested in problems that arise at the boundaries between programing languages (PL) and machine learning (ML). In particular, I work on theoretical and practical ML/PL problems on probabilistic programming and general probabilistic inference. I also have been working on developing useful program-analysis algorithms that combine logic-based PL techniques with data-driven ML techniques.

My email address is hongseok00@gmail.com. My CV can be found here.

I help the graduate studies of Gwonsoo Che, Geon-Hyeong Kim (with Prof Kee-Eung Kim), Hyunsu Kim (with Prof Juho Lee), Hyoungjin Lim, Dongwoo Oh, and Jungmin Park at KAIST, and also the DPhil studies of Junghun Yoo and Yuan Zhou (with Dr Tom Rainforth, Prof Yee Whye Teh and Prof Frank Wood) at Oxford. I work closely with Wonyeol Lee, who is now in Stanford, but used to be another important member of my research group at KAIST.