Honey DEW Acres Farm

Welcome to our HDA Farm Site

just outside Normal,Illinois

Goat Milk Soap

Honey DEW Acres is a 5 acre sustainable farm located north-west of Normal Illinois.

Visitors to the Honey DEW Acres farm experience the unfiltered reality of the settled agriculture in all its meanings. Their experience is firsthand as they see the day-to-day affairs of farm life. Spring, our busy growing season, is when garden crops are sown and tended one after another. Alpacas are sheared in April and hay is harvested in June and stored away for winter. Goats and Alpacas are out of the barn and grazing on green pastures. Our days are varied and pleasant, active yet relaxed, reflecting the ever changing nature of farm life.

A virtual view our Honey DEW Acres Farm

What do we do?

We care for animals: the Nigerian goats and kids, roosters, hens and chicks, guard dogs and barn cats.

We tend: the vegetable & herb gardens, hay fields, pastures and protect the wild places in between.

We build and repair: barns, sheds, garden beds, animal pens, fences and chicken coops.

We harvest: milk from the goats, eggs from the hens, fiber from the alpacas for spinning, hay from the pasture for winter food, herbs for cooking and vegetables for the kitchen table.

We compost: reuse and recycle.

We convert: sunlight to solar energy and the wind into electricity.