10 Types of Shower Doors That Make Your Homes Look Amazing

There is a range of shower glass types from which you can choose according to your suitability. However, if you are living in USA then the Roxy Glass Seattle is the best company for shower glass doors and enclosure.

Types of Shower Doors:

In past, people used to prefer shower curtains but now shower glass is in fashion. Sleek look and sense of openness that a shower glass instills in your homes are irresistible. There is a range of shower glass types from which you can choose according to your suitability.

frameless shower door for large bathroom

#1. Frameless Shower Glass

Frameless glass gives an illusion of wide bathroom. Neatness and shine that a frameless glass provides have made it a choice of many people.

bi-fold glass shower door pic

#2. Bi-Fold Shower Doors

Bi-fold shower doors can be folded and enable you to utilize all space in your bathroom. They are easy and efficient to use. People have narrowly spaced bathrooms prefer these trendy glass doors.

#3. Aqua Fold Shower Doors

These doors are specially designed for small bathrooms. They utilize very small space for folding because of their self-centering rotation. It is one of those types of shower doors that are in demand because of their weight, appearance, and practicality.

sliding shower door design for new bathroom

#4. Sliding Shower Doors

These shower doors have brought another feasibility for people having small bathrooms. These doors easily slide at one side of the bathroom. Their exceptionally efficient rollers and thick glass make them durable.

dreamline alcove shower door

#5. Dreamline Shower Doors

You can now install shower doors at your tubs. They provide feasible bathtub segregation from other parts of your bathroom. Thick glass is used in their manufacturing that provides stability. You get durability and style in your bathroom at the same time.

round glass shower door

#6. Round Shower Doors

Many bathroom designs use round shower doors. A corner of your bathroom is used to install shower panel and rounded glass is installed to provide segregation. These doors complement your bathroom model and impart a beautiful finish.

Frosted Shower Door for newly construct bathroom

#7. Frosted Glass Shower Doors

Some people demand privacy in their shower area. Frosted glass doors are a beautiful and apt option for their homes. They bring privacy, beauty, and sleekness in bathrooms.

hammered glass shower door

#8. Hammered Glass Shower Doors

If you need a decoration in shower area then nothing but hammered glass doors can satiate your desire. They impart attractive visual effects in your bathroom because light reflects at different angles from this glass.

deluxe framed glass door design

#9. Deluxe Framed Glass Door

These doors have become an instant hit in the market. They are easily installed at bathtubs and prevent a leak of water splash from bathing area.

hinged shower door design

#10. Hinged Shower Door

Various brands have launched hinged glass shower doors. You can find curved styles in these doors. They are in demand because they provide easiest entry and exit in bathing area.

There are a lot of shower doors in market varying in quality. You can make bathing areas of your home lavish and attractive with these modern doors.