We are pleased to announce the following update to our signing services:

Our customers will have the choice to conduct their signing appointment via ‘curbside’ service or at a ‘sit-down’ appointment in our conference room. If we don’t already have your choice of appointment, a member of our team will be in touch to determine which would make the customer most comfortable. (There may be exceptions where a specific type of appointment is required, and a team member will notify you of such)

'Curbside' signing appointment will take place in the designated parking space for clients directly in front of our office, 101 Pine Street, Sheboygan Falls WI 53085. Once parked, you will be greeted by a member of our team to go through your documents. You will remain in your vehicle while you sign, and the team member will be available for any questions you may have. Once completed, we will do all the running for you, making copies, etc., and providing to you your final package right through your car/truck/van window, at which point you can make your way back home.

‘Sit-down’ or unscheduled appointments should use the designated entrance at 101B Pine Street. This entrance will lead you into a secured, sanitized conference room where you should wait until a member of our team comes to assist you. There will be several products available for use to sanitize while you are waiting.

We are asking that any non-pertinent persons refrain from attending appointments. If you are a Realtor or Lender and would like to attend the appointment with your client, you are welcome. We ask that you notify us ahead of the appointment of your intention to attend. Conversely, you may make arrangements to pickup your payment and/or document copies following the appointment.

Finally, we ask that all customers and associates who will attend an in-person appointment, whether 'curbside' or ‘sit-down’, to wear a mask and also review the following checklist:

Thank you for your help in maintaining a safe, healthy environment for all.