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Rom Pinchasi

Department of Mathematics

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Haifa, Israel 32000

E-mail: rom.pinchasi@gmail.com

IMPORTANT: Due to security issues, I may not be able to read messages that were sent to my Technion e-mail address after February 2023. 

Please use my Gmail address for future communication.

Current Interests:

Combinatorics, Discrete Geometry, Computational Geometry, Topological Graphs


Topics in Combinatorics: 106928

INFI-3: 104295

Selected Papers:

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Unpublished manuscripts:

(These are preprints that are unpublished for some reason. We bring them here in case one needs to refer to any of which.)

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About a bad experience with IT-WASH washing machine model ITW5510B, purchased at 'Emil-Tavor trade' on Ashlag street, Haifa.

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