Home Ed-Friendly Professionals

Welcome to the Home Ed-Friendly Professionals page. The professionals in this site have been recommended by current and previous home educators Australia-wide.

Please note: Some professionals will have different viewpoints about different families and different situations. All the professionals listed here have either been openly supportive of (or at least not openly opposed to) home education. A few have been sceptical but have never badgered, harassed or attempted to brow-beat parents into sending children to school. They have all been a safe place for home educators to visit. If you have a different experience, please let us know.

If you have any recommendations, please fill in the form on our Contact page. New recommendations are always welcome.

Finally, this page is run by one home educating mum. It is not-for-profit, the service is completely free, and there is no money accepted for the recommendations posted. Please notify us through the Contact page if any details are incorrect.

Thank you!