Art, Music and Play Group

How to Draw Everything! (Animals, Superheroes, Fairies, Cartoons and More!)

All of our in person classes are live, with an esteemed Art Educator, as your creative guide! All art classes begin with an engaging, learning-filled discussion between students and their art teacher as students are introduced to art history fun-facts and famous artists from around the world.

As your teacher provides group instruction, individualized guidance will also be provided to every student in the class. Students will also engage with each other socially as they share in creative critiques, comment on one another’s artwork, socialize together and have FUN! Step-by-step drawing, painting and mixed-media art projects will be created in every class for students to feel proud of!

We offer music lessons that make playing an instrument fun and easy which allows students to feel confident in their musical skills.

Our goal is to nurture our students to become confident soloists as well as team players and composers. To do that, we want to make sure all of our students become all-around knowledgeable multi-instrumentalists. Learning music can be lonely if you play only by yourself. So we encourage all of our students to play in group settings.

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