Holger A. Rau

I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Göttingen. I study laboratory- and field experiments in the areas of Behavioral Economics, Labor Markets, Public Economics, and Behavioral Finance. A special interest is the analysis of the explanatory power of economic preferences to predict market outcomes in organizations and on (financial) markets. In my labor-market agenda, I focus on gender differences in the reactions to institutions and incentives, studying phenomena, such as the gender wage gap. My latest projects involve analyzing laboratory and field experiments that explore the impact of gender differences in preferences on leadership behavior in firms and markets, as well as the role of digitalization. I am also interested in irrational investor behavior, such as the disposition effect.

So far, I published 30 articles in peer-reviewed journals.                      Download Full CV    


h-index: 19 (July 2024)

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Book contribution:

Trust and Trustworthiness : A Survey of Gender Differences in Psychology of Gender Differences, 2012, Sarah McGeowen (ed.) Sarah McGeown, New York: Nova Science Publishers