Holger A. Rau

I am an Adjunct Professor at the University of Göttingen and a Visiting Professor at the University of Duisburg-Essen. I study laboratory- and field experiments in the areas of Behavioral Economics, Labor Markets, Public Economics, and Behavioral Finance. A special interest is the analysis of the explanatory power of economic preferences to predict market outcomes in organizations and on (financial) markets. In my labor-market agenda, I focus on gender differences in the reactions to institutions and incentives, studying phenomena, such as the gender wage gap. Latest projects analyze laboratory- and field experiments exploring the impact of gender differences in preferences on leadership behavior in firms and markets. I am also interested in irrational investor behavior, such as the disposition effect.

So far, I published 28 articles in peer-reviewed journals.                      Download Full CV    


LATEST Publication


The Team Allocator Game: Allocation Power in Public Good Games [with A. Karakostas, M. Kocher, D. Matzat, G. Riewe],
Games and Economic Behavior 140, 73-87, 2023

Economic Preferences and Compliance in the Social Stress Test of the COVID-19 Crisis [with S. Müller], 
Journal of Public Economics 194, 104322, 2021.

Decisions under Uncertainty in Social Contexts [with S. Müller],
Games and Economic Behavior 116, 73-95, 2019.

On the Impact of Quotas and Decision Rules in Collective Bargaining [with R. Feicht, V. Grimm and G. Stephan],
European Economic Review 100, 175-192, 2017.

How Competitiveness May Cause a Gender Wage Gap: Experimental Evidence [with M. Heinz and H.T. Normann),
European Economic Review 90, 336-349, 2016.

The Relation of Risk Attitudes and Other-Regarding Preferences: A Within-Subjects Analysis  [with S. Müller], 
European Economic Review 85, 1-7, 2016. 

The Disposition Effect in Team Investment Decisions: Experimental Evidence, 
Journal of Banking and Finance 61, 272-282, 2015

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