Hong Kong Morris


We practice Sundays, 3.00-5.30 in Diamond Hill.

We welcome new members throughout the year.

Please get in touch!

When one thinks of English traditions, ideas such as cricket, football, afternoon tea or fish and chips may spring to mind; however, to this list should be added the wonderful institution of morris dancing (English folk dancing).

Morris sides (groups) exist all over the world from Canada and the USA, through Europe and the Middle East round to Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. For a short time, there was even an Antarctic morris team!

Since 1974, many dedicated morris devotees have donned their green, red and yellow ribbons, strapped bells around their legs, and ventured boldly out onto the Hong Kong streets to dance. Dancing to mark the passing of the seasons and the year. Dancing for the fun of living—and living for the fun of dancing.

The word ‘morris’ encompasses a wide range of dancing styles from the different parts of England, including Cotswold, Rapper, Border, Molly, North-west, Longsword and many others. Here in Hong Kong, we perform predominantly Cotswold dances, along with a selection of both Border and Molly styles.

Hong Kong Morris (Chinese: 香港莫利斯舞蹈團) is a fun and welcoming group that includes members from all over the world. Currently, we have dancers and musicians from Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, the UK, Canada, the USA and Australia. We are always happy to have new people come along to try out a dance style that was first recorded back in the days of Shakespeare. Practices take place every week, with performances happening throughout the year in all parts of the SAR – and even further afield, e.g. Macau and England! It is a great way to keep fit, meet people and – most importantly – have fun.

(Last updated in May 2021)