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Historical Inquiry for Elementary Classrooms (Now Private i History Detectives on iCivics)

History’s Mysteries is now Private i History Detectives! Explore the updated and expanded resources available with iCivics.

Teaching kids about history and civics has never been more important. Find your favorite mysteries at iCivics, alongside new resources to help make Social Studies education accessible and relevant to young learners.

This website no longer hosts the original History's Mysteries materials. But History’s Mysteries - now called Private i History Detectives - is available at iCivics!  

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News about History's Mysteries

New!!!! Common Sense Education has listed History's Mysteries in their "Best History Websites and Resources" and their "Best US History Websites for Students". Check out the other resources they have recommended!  Watch their YouTube review of History's Mysteries.

The Tech Advocate also recently reviewed History's Mysteries.  See what they had to say! 

iCivics & History’s Mysteries Have Partnered to Expand History and Civics Curriculum for Grades K-5!  iCivics has acquired History’s Mysteries’ elementary curriculum, and will continue to work in partnership with Laurie Risler and Kelley Brown to further develop the product. The expanded curriculum is expected to be available for 2022-2023 school year. Read Full Announcement

History's Mysteries is excited to be a featured resource on @iCivics’ new #ExploringPrimarySources website! The collection offers free K-12 products and professional development. 

History's Mysteries is now being used in all 50 states!