2nd Grade

History's MysterY: why do people move?

Grades 2-3 Introduction to Inquiry

What are these students doing?

What are these children doing?

Grade 2: Unit 1: Why do we need maps?

1. What's the difference between a map and a globe?

2. How can a map help get us where we want to go?

3. What are the parts of a map and what do they tell us?

4. How does a map show the relationship between people and the environment?

Grade 2: Unit 2: Why do people move?

1. What are push and pull factors?

2. Why do people move to a new home?

3. Who is a refugee?

4. What was the Great Migration?

Grade 2: Unit 3: How does culture impact the way we live?

1. What is culture?

2. How did the Clotilda Africans learn their Yoruba cultural values and traditions as children?

3. How did Yoruba cultural values help Mr. Lewis and the Clotilda Africans through difficult times?

4. How did Yoruba cultural values influence the building of Africatown?