Online California History Course

History 40 examines the forces, events, and lives that shaped California, beginning with native cultures and Spanish exploration and colonization. The course will focus on the roles and interactions of Native Americans, Latino Americans, European Americans, and Asian Americans within the broader context of California's political, economic, cultural, and social history.

Every week will focus on an aspect of California history in chronological order. Weekly attendance is very important and students will be dropped if they miss two or more consecutive weeks (without contacting the instructor) or more than six weeks in a semester. The course only meets online with the college program Canvas.

Course Information:

  • Course: History 40
  • Course Outline: Weekly Modules
  • Transferable Units: Meets Areas D and E graduation requirement for CCSF, transfers to 4-year colleges (CSU Areas C and D, IGETC Areas 3 and 4), and meets the History AA-T major and/or elective requirements. Prepares students for a major in history.
  • Syllabus: Spring 2019

Contact Information:

  • Instructor: Jacob Adams
  • Social Science Department
  • Batmale Hall, Room 672. Office hour: Thursdays at 2:30 to 3:30 pm.
  • Contact me at or
    • Response time: 24 to 48 hours

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Textbook Information

The Elusive Eden

By Richard Rice, William Bullough, Richard Orsi, and Mary Ann Irwin.

Other reading material will be provided on Canvas.