"Curiosity has its own reason for existence" by Albert Einstein

Thank you for visiting my website. I am Hiro Taiyo Hamada, Ph.D.

I started working in Araya Inc. in Tokyo from August 2019.

E-mail: hamada_h[at]araya.org

Research Areas: Systems Neuroscience; Cognitive Neuroscience

Topics: Serotonin, Brain-wide computation, Animal model of depression, Curiosity, Consciousness,

You can also check my blog posts which are tips on my research in English and in Japanese.

"transfer 05" by Sakuho Ito, Artist


  • 2021/04/01 We won a KAKENHI grant on epistemic investigation of Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research C, Dr. Niikawa.


I currently work at Araya Inc. studying neural mechanism of curiosity. I received a Ph.D at Neural Computation Unit at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) under supervision with Prof. Kenji Doya. My speciality is to analyze neural imaging data to observe dynamical association between neural activity and behavioral performance with statistics and machine learning. My interest is how the brain represent the world and realize intelligence. From a phenomenological viewpoint, how my experience is associated with the world. I decided to work in Araya Inc. as a researcher for a new adventure with CEO Dr. Ryota Kanai (former Reader in Sussex University).

My current projects are:

  • Neural structural/functional correlates of curiosity

  • Dynamical brain states of an animal model of major depression

  • Optogenetic interrogation of brain-wide dynamics by serotonergic system

Research Topics

  • Neural functional correlates of depression and its neuromodulator

  • Brain attractor patterns in resting-state brain dynamics

  • Neurophenomenological training for conscious experience

  • Curiosity and exploratory behaviors

Research field

  • Systems Neuroscience

  • Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Neuro-phenomenology

  • Positive Psychology