HipKNOTic Design                                      

Ann Arbor Artisan & Flower Day 

Come out Saturday, May 28 between 10 AM and 4 PM to check out local artists and a huge selection of flowers!  HipKNOTic Designs will be in booth 85 with new mailbox and birdhouses featuring gnomes, sunflower, and bohimian inspired designs.

Spark Joy in Your Garden with Functional Art

Mailbox MOTIFation


FLOWER bin etc.

HipKNOTic Designs LLC is the work of Tamara Ann creating functional sculptures with aesthetic fantasy to make you happy while attracting and awakening a healing connection to lift your spirit. Each art piece captures an enchanting moment to take you back with childlike wonder expanding your imagination into genres from bohemian to sci-fi, pop culture to fantasy, fairies to mermaids, cozy to rustic, and desert to nautical.

One-of-a-kind handmade functional art transforming treasures found on Mother Earth to design whimsical and magically playful everyday essentials

Need a unique gift? 

Order a customized theme from movies, music, magical creatures and more.