What type of lights do you use?

I use 12 volt WS2811 pixels which can be programmed individually to songs that you are viewing on the house.

Where do you buy your pixel LED lights from?

I source all my pixel LED's from China. They are purchased from group buys or US companies such as Wally's lights.

Why is your halloween show only up for a 2 weeks?

I put up the halloween show to test the lights and ensure everything is working before the big show in Christmas. The added bonus is I have a light show for halloween . If there are any problems or I need to purchase anything for the show - this allows me a month to get everything ready and ordered.

How long does it take you set everything up?

Putting all the lights up and the props in the yard only takes about a week to setup. The bulk of the work is creating the new lights props and the musically sequences. As I add more props and lights this increases the time it takes for each music sequence I create. On average it takes about 2 hours for every 10 seconds of music. So a song that is about 4 mins long can take up to 60 hours to sequence.

When do you start planning for the show?

I start planning for the shows in February. I usually start by trying to determine what songs I want to use. Then I will start determing what the new additions will be for the next show. Throughout spring and summer I will start buying all the items I need and start building the props. I usually start creating my show sequences in August and September and start testing in October as I start setting up the display.

How tall is your Mega Tree?

The Mega Tree is 22 feet tall plus the star on the top adds another 2 feet to the height. So the overall height of the tree is 16 feet. There are 2400 pixels on the tree and 100 pixels on the star. I have 24 strands 220 degress 100 pixels with 2 inch spacing up and down.