Jason & Sarah Curtman

In 2014, I first experienced the delicious flavor of a BBQ sauce variation and knew I had to have the recipe. After an 8-year search with no luck, my son found an old copy in early 2023. I made the necessary adjustments and my first batch of the sauce came out perfectly. My wife and I are confident that you will find it to be, as my dad says,  the best in the west and everywhere else. Join us in trying our perfected BBQ sauce.  Available now as a dry mix!

High Noon BBQ

On Wild Fork Chicken Thighs!

Indulge in the tantalizing flavor of High Noon BBQ Sauce. Ideal for enhancing the taste of beef, pork, and chicken, it's the Curtman family's top choice for steak, pork steaks, and BBQ wings. Whether you prefer smoking or air frying your meats, this sauce will make your meal taste like a gourmet chuck wagon dish. Don't stop there, try it on your scrambled eggs too! Get ready to love it!