End of Year Activities

Finish the year off strong by completing the last activities, sharing and celebrating your successes and evaluating the overall impact of your school's participation in this year's program.

  • End of year Teacher Survey to be filled out and submitted by Teacher Champion, click here for survey (available in April 2019).
  • Eco Summits should be held in April and should serve as a showcase of green exhibits or a series of panel discussions based on the six topics of the program. For more information on Eco-Summit planning and hosting, see Eco-Summit page.
  • School Environmental Goals Assessment will be based on a school’s initial plan set forth in September. DIG staff will provide schools with form to be submitted. Schools will be evaluated on whether or not they met their goal, strengths and weaknesses on the implementation and impact, as well as next steps in continuing to reach their goals. Click here for rubric. Be sure to include:
    1. Highlights of student efforts
    2. Facilities staff involvement with activities
    3. Parent and community involvement
    4. Awards/Recognition received by students, teachers, and support staff
    5. Photos of student work along with written testimonials