Cybersecurity for Higher Education Professionals


This online workshop explores the role and importance of cybersecurity for educational technologists and IT professionals within a higher education environment.

This learning experience highlights the ethical components related to data security, and asks IT professionals and educational technologists to create an infographic, video tutorial and a proposal for various audiences.


To provide higher education professionals the skills to identify and implement cybersecurity best practices to prevent cybercrime and protect student data within their postsecondary institution.


Upon completion of this workshop, the learner will be able to:

    1. Describe aspects of reliability, availability, and safety of computer systems, as it relates to cybersecurity.
    2. Identify aspects of integrity, confidentiality and protection of data, specific to participants’ postsecondary institutions.
    3. Detect breaches in their institution’s current data systems and find ways to protect confidential data.
    4. Evaluate best practices in cloud computing to ensure data, system and network security.


Hardware Specifications:

  • High-speed access to the Internet
  • Video support for at least 1024 X 768 display resolution
  • Audio support with external computer speakers or headphones
  • Keyboard and mouse input devices
  • Connection to a printer

Preferred Software Considerations:

  • An operating system that can support Google Chrome browser application or similar.
  • This course contains Flash-based content which requires the free Adobe Flash Player or Shockwave Player.