Our entire business was created for shoots like this.

Our equipment, and our process, offer the "Best Privacy Policy in the Industry!" that nobody else can match.

We have a full studio, and boudoir themed guest bedroom, with lots of props and sexy clothing.

We even create products like calendars and hardcover photo books all in-house. Nobody else does that.

If you've seen the tour and are looking for our Set Library again, click here (NSFW - contains nudity).

(We have stories too - expand this section to read about some past sessions.)


Per our amazing Privacy Policy, we don't have much to show for Intimate photos. How can we convey our experience? Text! In no special order, and keeping the clients anonymous, here's a few stories we can share.

Sink or Swim

One of our first boudoir gigs was a challenge. She was in her 50's and had a full figure. But, we work with whatever we got -- creatively accentuate the good bits and hide the bad bits. I can't honestly say we churned out perfection on this early gig, but several hit the perfect balance and turned out amazing! Even the client couldn't believe how well she looked! She ordered a few prints, one large-sized for their bedroom.

Breast is Best

We were approached by a client in her 50's or so who wanted to re-create a "very seductive" photo she saw in a small gallery sometime in the 80's. We couldn't find any information about it, and other similar photos online didn't seem to match what she saw. She described it as a sexy silhouette of a wet female breast with a glistening drop of water hanging off the nipple. She wanted to use her breast instead. With some careful lighting and a spray bottle of warm water, we did our best to re-create it. She loved the result, and we printed a canvas print for their bedroom.

That Hired Model

If you think only young and fit women are Boudoir material, think again! That hired model? She's not as young and fit as you might expect. She was in her 30's, and had some stretch marks from weight that she must've recently lost. No big deal -- we just worked around those bits and made her look amazing!

In fact, we've never had a young and fit client or model.

Everyone has a list of parts that they don't like, and that's fine. No matter what size, shape, or age you are, there are parts of you that are beautiful. We specialize in creatively accentuating those parts.

Painfully Quick

At an event, a nudist couple wanted a quick portrait. We ducked into a nearby wheat field and took some photos, with mosquitoes hovering around us. They only had time for a few bites. The results even impressed us -- this couple quickly struck a perfect pose and the wheat field looked great. This one ranks as the quickest and easiest gig we've done. We mailed a few prints to them, along with the CD, and they loved it.


A couple recruited us for some new couples photos, sans clothing. Both were hitting the gym and losing weight, so they wanted to show off a bit on their adult lifestyle social networks. In one of the photos, they both looked really buff, and they loved that. He requested some single photos to really show off his muscle, so we switched the lighting to a male-specific style that really amplified his six-pack and arm muscles. Did they like the results? Not only did they buy our most expensive package, they even tipped us extra afterwards.

The Missing Pin-Up

At the request of a client, we booked something completely new to us with only a few weeks for a timeline. She wanted to be the model for a 40's / 50's style pin-up calendar, a gift for her significant other. She had a perfect curvy figure for it too. She wanted a hair stylist, so we found one who was willing to be on-site and was comfortable with the shoot. We planned to do the printing for the calendar pages, but had to find a print shop that would bind the calendar without peeking. We had connections though, and had someone willing for those couple minutes of work. The timeline was tight for this. We studied photos from that era and had ideas and props ready, and everything was lined up. She loved our privacy policy and was excited to do this. We were ready! However, she apparently wasn't. She stopped responding to all communication a few days before the shoot, and we still don't know the reason.

Despite this one not happening, it shows that we will do everything we can to produce the best product for the client.

The Special Gift

On the morning of her wedding, she wanted an amazing boudoir book to encourage her future husband to show up. She approached us 6 months before the wedding date with several ideas, luckily just after we had remodeled the "boudoir room". We shot scenes with the wedding dress, with sports wear, with a variety of lingerie, and with nothing on. We did standard sexy poses on the bed and with vintage furniture. We did light painting themes with our pixelstick. We even did a movie theme while glowing in the blacklight. It took about two weeks of processing, and another week assembling the book, but it was well worth the effort. The result was an absolutely amazing 34-page photo book that she completely fell in love with. She hid it until a few weeks before the wedding, and upon seeing it again, she said she "fell in love with it all over again". The bridesmaids all loved it and were thinking of doing their own. As planned, she gave it to her soon-to-be husband that special morning and, as expected by that point, he loved it as well.

The Pin-Up

We were finally able to do a pin-up shoot, and boy it's a lot of work! The client collaborated with us to plan out 13 photo themes (12 months of a calendar plus a cover). It took two sessions of shooting and the end result looked amazing! Some photos aimed for the 50's vintage look, others were more modern. The calendar was 11x14 in size (when open), printed on thicker luster paper. We're very happy with how it turned out, and the boyfriend who received it was pleased as well.