1. Gift of Health Mission Trip January 2022 (interest form here)

2. HFweCare COVID-19 Response: Tutor with the Education Project (information here)

3. Humanity First Research Symposium (Occurred on November 1st, 2020, learn more here)

Humanity First UToledo is excited to announce that we will be holding our Gift of Health Medical Mission Trip to Guatemala this summer from January 9 - January 16, 2022!

As a recap, the cost of this trip is $1500 which will be paid directly to Humanity First USA. This will go towards all the logistics of the trip (food, lodge, transportation, and pay all expenses for the medical camp itself), so all you need to worry about is getting there and the rest is handled by HF USA. You will have to purchase your own plane ticket, and the tickets are ranging anywhere from $400 to $600. You will also need to purchase your own travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage (You may purchase from here; $20-$30 per traveler; Make sure you enter the $1500 + the price of your plane ticket for coverage). We are also requiring all students to have received COVID-19 vaccinations (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson).

Please join this WhatsApp group ( to express your interest in going and ask any further questions regarding the trip.

Join our battle against COVID-19!

The pandemic has caused an unprecedented educational crisis in our nation. K-12 students need your help!

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Congratulations to our published Humanity First Scholars!

  1. Madhu Rami Reddy (Cellular Metabolism and its Impact on Viral Infection)

  2. Aditya Acharya (How Cells Cope with Stress)

  3. Emily Jason (Message Framing Changes Perceptions of Both Generic and Name-Brand Medications)

  4. Alyssa Davis (Rapport Building in Dog-Assisted Interviews)

  5. Saira Khan (Using Vocalizations to Investigate Behavior in Mice)

  6. Musa Lughmani (Thinner medial orbital frontal cortex is associated with early PTSD symptoms, sleep disturbance, and mental health...)

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Humanity First Student Chapter at the University of Toledo was awarded by the HF Student Division as the "Best New Chapter 2019-2020!" We were also awarded as having the best project of the year, our HFweCare COVID-19 Response (view here!)

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