History of Formal Methods Workshop

co-located with Formal Methods 2019

11 October 2019

Porto, Portugal


The workshop has now concluded. Thanks to everyone who attended and especially those who contributed!

This website will be maitained for legacy reasons. You can find slides of talks given linked from the Program page.

This is a workshop on the history of formal methods in computing.

The aim is to bring together historians of computing and science with technical workers in the field of formal methods to reflect on the discipline’s history. For more information, see Scope.

A list of accepted talks can be found on the Program page of this website. The official program with timings can be found here.

The workshop's chairs are Troy Astarte and Brian Randell. The program committee is listed on a separate page. Our invited speaker is Mark Priestley.

Mark Priestley

After a career as a programmer and lecturer in software engineering, Mark Priestley is now an independent scholar of the history and philosophy of computing with a particular interest in the early history of programming. His publications include the books A Science of Operations and ENIAC in Action (coauthored with Thomas Haigh and Crispin Rope). His most recent book, Routines of Substitution (Springer, 2018), is a study of John von Neumann's work in software development in the mid-1940s. Read more at www.markpriestley.net.

As well as presenting some new and exciting historical research we wish to encourage debate and reflection amongst all attendees. This is why more time than usual will be allotted to discussion after talks. There will also be an extended discussion session to close the workshop which will be recorded and transcribed. See Format for more details.

This transcript will appear in the proceedings, which will be published alongside papers resulting from talks given at the workshop. A publisher for proceedings is yet to be finalised.