Housing For All Felons, LLC


Housing For All Felons, LLC is a recognized program which provides exceptional housing for Homeless Men living on the streets or coming out of the Department of Corrections. Housing For All Felons LLC is a means to provide housing to all male felons who remain in prison after The Parole Board has authorized their release due solely to having no residential options.

​NOT ALL homeless citizens may qualify for Georgia's Reentry Partnership Housing Program, however ALL homeless citizens that have an income or the support of Family, Friends, or Community Organizations may qualify to become apart of Housing For All Felons, LLC.

Housing For All Felons LLC is aware of the many challenges and obstacles our homeless citizens are subject to when they are actively seeking housing and employment when re-acclimating back into the community. Housing For All Felons LLC has resources to Community Providers that offers FREE Job Training and Certifications to those that qualify.

​Housing For All Felons, LLC is dedicated to helping all homeless citizens re-acclimate back into our communities to secure their future!

Housing For All Felons LLC can be of assistance with housing for those homeless citizens that are required to be apart of the Registry mandated by the state. ​Our housing program is tailor-made for homeless citizen, which will connect them to various community service providers that will assist in making the transition back into our community as streamlined as possible. Housing For All Felons, LLC is very passionate in ending the homelessness that most homeless citizens endures when returning back into our communities.