Hero Girls

Turning Dreamers into Leaders


The Hero Girls training course seeks to build confidence and a positive, proactive mindset through teaching the girls to draw on their innate skills and abilities to be change makers in their own lives, homes, and community. In a world that often teaches girls to be subservient and compliant, this course will teach girls to ask questions, push boundaries, and innovate. This is achieved through focusing on three aspects:

1) Self-Development

2) Entrepreneurship

3) Leadership


These sessions build foundational skills in communication, confidence, and connection with oneself and the world. Topics are chosen by the local facilitators and participants themselves and can range from goal setting, team work, communication techniques, personal safety, rights, etc. Sessions are conducted in small groups using discussion and participatory activities to learning that relevant and builds networks of support and trust.


The Hero Girls course will teach basic entrepreneurship skills and then the students will get a chance to practice what hey have learned through creating an “Innovation Project”. Participants connect with local business, government, or civil society leadership to develop an entrepreneurship or social change project in their community.


After the students complete their own instruction, they come back as “peer mentors” to coach and teach the next round of Hero Girl participants. Teaching a topic helps one learn and remember a subject more fully and teaching provides useful leadership skills. The next round of participants also benefit from learning from both adult facilitators and peer mentors, thus giving them varied perspectives and approaches to a given subject.

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Her International is fulfilling its duties under the United Nation's Universal Charter of Human Rights as a responsible "world citizen" in providing educational scholarships and livelihood opportunities to females living in poverty.

Our mission is to empower women + girls through education.

The Hero Girls program is made possible through the support of SureCall through their GoodCall program.

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