Current members

Rutger Hermsen

Team leader.

Bryan Verhoef
PhD student

Extending the lifespan of antibiotics?

Jointly supervised with Joost de Graaf (ITP).

Hanna Douwes
MSc student

Can conflict resolution save group adaptation?

Ron Geurts
MSc student

Random drift in group-structured populations with multilevel selection.

Pauline Bakker
MSc student

Short- and long-term evolutionary strategies: defining and measuring natural selection at all time scales. 


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Former members

Laurens H. J. Krah
PhD student

Laurens graduated on April 20, 2022, based on his dissertation with the title:

Models of noise propagation in growing and regulating bacterial cells

Download it here.

He is currently teaching at the Theoretical Biology group at Utrecht University.

Hilje M. Doekes
PhD student

Hilje graduated on September 23, 2020, based on her dissertation with the title:

Microbial evolution at multiple scales

She is now an Assistant Professor at the Laboratory of Genetics of Wageningen University. Profile page. 

Misha Sheinman

Misha is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, where his research focuses the development of invasive breast cancer from in situ lesions.

Irene Bouwman
MSc student

MSc Student - 2022

Evolution of division of labor and transitions of individuality in spatially self-structured populations.

Jeroen Saccheri
MSc student

MSc Student - 2022

Applying inclusive fitness theory to individual-based models of group-structured or viscous populations.

Bram van Eijnatten

MSc Student - 2021

Steady states, dynamics, and noise in the regulation of the catabolic proteome sector of Escherichia coli.

Ugur Yikilmaz

MSc Student - 2021

Noise and individuality in the growth of E. coli cells. 

Pedro Batista Tan

MSc Student (VU Amsterdam) - 2020

The evolution of spiteful behaviors in a viscous population.

Karim Hajji

MSc Student - 2020

Theory and practice of transcriptional autoregulation.(Writing assignment)

Andreas Palazis

MSc Student - 2020

Processes that Shape Operon Formation in Bacteria Genomes.
(Writing assignment)

Taieve Stoops

MSc Student - 2020

The relation between operon structure and the position of ligands in metabolic networks.
(Collaboration with Michael Seidl.)

Martijn Bouman

MSc Student (Mathematics) - 2019

Natural selection across spatial an time scales.

Thijs Geurts

MSc Student - 2019

Bacterial cell size homeostasis
(Writing assignment)

Laura van Schijndel

MSc Student - 2018

Decompositions of natural selection: combining the Price and contextual approaches.

Silvia Espada Burriel

MSc Student (VU Amsterdam) - 2018

Selection of spite and its dependence on interaction scales

Glenn Mulder

MSc Student - 2017

The evolution of small-molecule communication among temperate bacteriophages.

Sophia Schepers

MSc Student - 2017

Evidence for bacterial quorum sensing and its proposed functions.
(Writing assignment)

David Jansen

MSc Student (WUR) - 2016

Regulation of bacteriocin production in Lactococcus lactis & Bacillus subtilis

Istvan T. Kleijn

MSc Student (Physics) - 2015

The interplay between stochasticity and regulation in a coarse-grained model of gene expression, metabolism, and growth

Leonie van Steijn

MSc Student - 2014

The fixation probability of a mutation that extends a species' range.