Herefordshire Botanical Society

We are a group of people who delight in wild plants. Though we all have particular favourites, maybe trees, orchids, grasses or ferns, we love to extend our knowledge.

We welcome visitors to any meeting – no charge. Just turn up or, if you prefer, contact any of the society’s officers beforehand. Of course, we would be pleased if you decide to take out a membership, whether you are an absolute beginner, improver, or professor.

Meetings take place throughout the year and a programme is sent out to members. The main thrust of the outdoor meetings is to record the vascular plants. Most meetings are very informal, with one member taking responsibility for arranging and leading the meeting. From time to time, we are fortunate to be invited to interesting places with no public access. Subject to the permission of the landowner, our botanical records are sent to the relevant BSBI County Recorder and eventually find their way into a national database. A few meetings are more formal with an element of tutoring, or presentations. An annual newsletter for members describes the meetings and local botanical news.

Whilst meetings are usually in Herefordshire, we also join up with botanists in surrounding counties. The society has had a long association with Radnorshire and is keen to continue this tradition.

Many of our members have interests in other branches of natural history: mosses and liverworts, fungi, plant galls, birds, insects and spiders, geology, etc. All these interests interweave with botany and add to the enjoyment of our outings