There shall be a Lay Advisory Committee composed of parents and/or community members who represent the various schools within the County. This committee shall be organized in accordance with its own constitution and bylaws and shall advise the School Board on educational matters of general interest or concern to the community.

Lay Advisory Purpose: Essentially this committee acts as a liaison between the parents, board of supervisors, community members, and teachers. It can act in an advisory role on topics its members deem important. The committee can and has brought these stakeholders together for open discussions regarding a variety of issues. What makes the committee unique is that anyone interested in education and the school system can come to these meetings.

The Lay Advisory Committee (LAC) forum dates are at 7:00 PM held in the Moody Middle School Library

Moody Middle School, 7800 Woodman Rd, Richmond, VA 23228

    • Monday, September 30 – Mike Taylor – Henrico Education Foundation
    • Monday, November 18 - Anonymous Alerts and Equity and Diversity
    • Tuesday, January 21 – TBD
    • Monday, March 23 – TBD
    • Monday, May 18 – TBD

Contact: Alan Crouch, Rupali Pendse and Kristi Kinsella: layadvisory@gmail.com

In April 1956, members of the Henrico County School Board created a Lay Advisory Committee (LAC) to facilitate communication between the school board and the lay people of Henrico County.

This advisory committee offers two-way communication between you and the highest officials in your school system. It provides a forum for orderly and constructive discussion and for the exchange of information.

The Lay Advisory Committee is not designed to deal with individual situations more appropriately handled between parents, students, and school administrators. Instead, this committee focuses on “macro” issues of broad interest which affect the educational welfare of many students.

Henrico County School Board Meeting Dates:

Regular monthly Board meetings begin at 6:30 p.m., and are held at: New Bridge auditorium, 5915 Nine Mile Road, unless publicized otherwise.

See HCPS Board Docs link at: http://henricoschools.us/school-board/