Hennes IT was founded by the owner Peter Hennes as a natural evolution of his 18 years of IT experience. We are a computer services provider for Seattle Metropolitan area helping small and medium size companies focus on their growth and profitability. With the continued growth of technological advancements in business networks the effectiveness of those solutions is critical. Hennes IT understands these challenges and offers effective, sustainable, and proficient resolutions to today’s technological needs. As costs can be a major hurdle in these endeavors, we will work to provide the highest quality of products and services at an affordable price.

Hennes IT provides small business computer services. We can build, maintain, and utilize today’s innovations at an affordable price. Let Hennes IT demonstrate to you how we can minimize your downtime to maximize your profits. We do this by daily monitoring of your computer systems and rapidly responding to your issues. This is followed by a timely resolution to any problem that is identified