-Don't cut the trees!

-Help natural regeneration

-Create areas for protection, in extensive production systems

-Reduce the use of natural forests to provide timber for use as household fuel.

Global Warming

-Change to renewable energy in the home

-Buy energy-efficient appliances

-Use energy saving light bulbs

-Use public transportation and avoid the car.

-Reduce, reuse & recycle

Ocean Pollution

-Don't throw plastics to the the sea!

-Help care for the beach

-Travel by sea responsibly

-Support an organization that safes marine life

-Make shopping safe and sustainable fish


The animals that live in oceans and seas are the ones that are most exposed, to suffer the effects of the plastic pollution that the waters and the Environment of the whole world suffer. Pieces of this material have been found, from Antarctica to the North Pole.

Small tortoise

A piece of rigid plastic and virtually indestructible for centuries, is able to make the shell of a turtle grow deformed. It is estimated that the animal in the photo was caught in it when it was just a baby and its growth was negatively influenced by the impossibility of removing it.

Polluted beaches

100% of samples of sand from all the beaches of the world contain pollution by microplastics tiny toxic particles with, even in Antarctica!