Economic Analysis of Public Policy

Semester: Spring 2019

Level: Master’s

Teaching Fellow for Mark Shepard, Harvard Kennedy School

A core course for the Master's in Public Policy program. The course applies public and labor economics models to the analysis of public policy. Topics include taxation and labor supply, health care policy, unemployment insurance, and the minimum wage.

Econometric Methods for Applied Research I

Semester: Fall 2018

Level: Doctoral

Teaching Fellow for Christopher Avery, Harvard Kennedy School

This was the first semester of the two-course sequence for first-year PhD students at the Harvard Kennedy School. The course covered fundamentals in probability, statistics, and econometrics, with a focus on regression methods for causal inference. The course was taught to demonstrate how theoretical ideas could be employed in applied research in various social science disciplines.

Introduction to Policy Analysis

Semester: Fall 2011, Spring 2012

Level: Undergraduate

Teaching Assistant for Elizabeth Vigdor (Fall 2011) and Sarah Bermeo (Spring 2012), Duke University

The introductory core course for undergraduates at the Sanford School of Public Policy. The course uses tools from multiple disciplines, including political science and economics, to analyze public policy decisions. Students learn through case studies in which they write memos with recommendations to key decision-makers.