Performing Artist &  Playwright

New York,  NY

"Theater taught me so many lessons and has given me the self-confidence to embrace everything that I am, and to tackle the world ahead of me." 

- Helene

About Me!  

Helene Weintraub (She/ Her)   is a dynamic musical theatre performer based in NYC. Her talents extend to playwriting, with the successful premiere of her original work, "The Candlesticks," in 2022.

Helene holds a BA in dance from The Jerusalem Music and Dance Academy  in Israel and another BA in creative writing / playwriting from The New School in New York.

Off-stage, Helene finds joy in dancing, writing, tennis, and strumming her guitar around summer campfires. Helene is also a playwriting coach and  seamlessly juggles the dual tasks of director and choreographer for youth productions.

Fueling her passion from a young age, Helene cannot imagine a life without the stage. 🎭✨

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