Healthcare Educators of Central California

Officers 2019

Every year, the HECC members hold a business meeting to update members on the state of the organization and elect officers for the upcoming year. This year, the meeting took place on Friday, December 14, 2018. See December 2018 meeting minutes for more information.



Duties: Serve as presiding officer of all meetings of the membership. Secure meeting dates and locations. Cast the deciding vote in case of a tie. Creates the agenda for business meetings. Maintains an NNSDO membership, payable by HECC if the president’s employing facility will not pay the membership fee. Oversees annual conference organization and details.



Duties: Assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President. Succeed to the office of the president in the event of vacancy. Automatically succeed to the office of the president for the next term. Secure program for the annual conference. Act as master of ceremonies for annual conference.


Lillian Sanchez-Ramos

Dignity Health-Merced

Duties: Maintain recordings of the proceedings of all meetings. Maintain historical records. Notify members of meetings and activities. Complete the annual activity report for ANPD and maintains contract information and communications requested by the ANPD.


Nora Huston MSN, RN

Sutter Health-Modesto

Duties: Supervise the financial affairs of the Organization, including dues and conference expenses. Prepare/present the annual budget for officers approval at first quarter business meeting; (format). The budget should include, expenditures, and pending income. Assist in fundraising activities. Present a financial report at each meeting.



Duties: Registrar: Reserve the conference site (including meeting/vendor rooms) for annual conference. Arrange accommodations for presenter for annual conference. Track food orders for annual conference. Take reservations for annual conference. Create brochure/registration documents for annual conference. Handle other needs or requirements (AV equipment, etc.) for annual conference.

Vendor Coordinator

Susie Blair

Regional Director Health Advisor

Vendor Coordinator: Secure vendors for annual conference and ensure adequate space and presentation time for vendors. Maintain communication with vendors.

Former President

Barbara Mwamba MSN, RN

Oak Valley Hospital

Duties: Act as consultant to the President.