My Story

Testimony Of Joe Medrek

I'm no one special, just a child, by adoption, of the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, yet according to worldly standards I am a pauper of sorts. I don't have many earthly possessions, but I do have five wonderful children, and a wife I love dearly. I was born in the Northeast USA, where it's known as a desert in spiritual realms, but though I'm unknown to many, I am known by God. I have no degree, but I did graduate with a three year diploma from Bible School. My biography would not make it in the Who's Who of America (well it did), but it also makes it in the Lamb's Book of Life (what really counts).

Many will look at this biography, and say "who the heck is this guy", and "I haven't got the time to waste reading this guy's stuff", but although I'm looked on as foolish by some, I am looked on as wise by those who matter. My whole purpose in life is to glorify, and honor Jesus Christ. If I seem foolish to you, then bear with me, and listen to what I have to say, even for a moment. I have something to share with you, and what I have to share will most dramatically change your life.


I was raised for my first six years of life in an orphanage, because of situations beyond my parent's control. During that time, my mom had a nervous breakdown and never recovered. So for the rest of my adolescent childhood I was raised by my grandmother.

She was a very Godly woman, and a woman who prayed constantly. Her prayer was that someday I would be a man of God.

When I was serving my country in the USAF at Lackland Air Force Base, I met a Christian by the name of Ken Morales who shared with me the importance of getting to know Jesus Christ as my personal friend, savior, deliverer, and Lord.

The rest is His Story. My testimony started with my grandmother, and has grown, and grown, and grown over 46 years I can say to you who are reading this testimony, that the longer I've known Jesus, the sweeter His walk with me has grown.

If you don't know Jesus personally like I do, I hope you come to know him, and make him your friend. He wants to be a part of your life, and is always looking for opportunities to help you live the wonderful life He has planned for you.

Give Jesus your faults, and your heart. Let Him take your life and turn it heaven bound. He will make you complete.

Let Go...and Let God do a miracle in your life... and He will!