Heather Marcelle Crickenberger:

Exhibitions & Inquiries

Below, descriptions of six exhibitions are provided as well as links to individual websites describing, contextualizing, and reflecting upon each project. Some of these links are comprised of multiple pages, accessible through the tool bars at the top of the page. Images, videos, and narratives are intended to help viewers get a sense of the actual exhibition as well as the creative process and theoretical concepts addressed by each.

Illuminated Topographies: Using Immersive Media to Locate Hidden Narratives in Analog Underpainting. 2019 North Carolina Book Festival. Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh. Raleigh, NC: February 23, 2019. (projected installation of digital art)

This exhibition explores the rhetorics of scale, repurposing, and transmediation as well as ways that combining immersive art forms with digital media can expand our perception of material phenomena in the physical world and render visible new narratives and new terrains for inquiry and exploration.

Projections: Exploring Reading and Writing in Emerging Technologies (orHow an Apparatus Becomes Self-Aware) - Augmented Reality / Digital Installation of Art, North Carolina State University, 2014-present.

The Tree of Life Series, acrylic on repurposed foam board (2017-present)

Containment– (collaboration with Jen Crickenberger) an installation of sculpture, photography and poetry, The Light Factory, July, 2006 (recovered 2014)

One Heart, One Blow: Studies in Sumi Ink– a series of paintings, The Artist's Basement, Columbia, SC 2006