Heather J. S. Birch


Peer Reviewed Articles and Proceedings

Birch, H. J. S., & Demmans-Epp, C. (2023). Diverse stakeholders on educational technology development

teams: Supporting software developers and children. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Birch, H. J. S. (in press). Understanding motivational differences through the lens of gamification user types. International Christian Community of Teacher Educators Journal.

Birch, H. J. S. (2022). Using a motivational typology to understand and respond to disruptive behaviour. Journal of Online Learning Research, 8(3), 369–391.

Birch, H. J. S., & Brett, C. (2019). Exploring a leaderboard alternative in a gamified mobile app for music learning. Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Mobile Learning, 103–110.

Birch, H. J. S. (2018). Music learning in an online affinity space: Using a mobile application to create interactions during independent musical instrument practice (Unpublished doctoral dissertation) [PhD Thesis, University of Toronto]. http://hdl.handle.net/1807/91827

Birch, H. J. S. H. J. S., & Woodruff, E. (2017). Technical exercise practice: Can piano students be motivated through gamification? 10(1), 31–50. https://doi.org/10.1386/jmte.10.1.31_1

Birch, H. J. S. (2017). Potential of SoundCloud for mobile learning in music education: A pilot study. International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organisation, 11(1), 30. https://doi.org/10.1504/IJMLO.2017.080895

Birch, H. J. S. (2016). Feedback in online writing forums: Effects on adolescent writers. The Journal of Writing Teacher Education, 5(1), 74–89.

Birch, H. J. S. (2014). Rise of the Rhythm: Using gamification to engage and motivate music students. The Recorder, 56(4), 11–15.

Book Chapters

Birch, H., & Nelson, C. (2022). Teacher education at Tyndale: Faith-based, privately-funded,

publicly accountable. In Kitchen, J. & Petrarca, D (Eds.), Initial teacher education in Ontario: The four-semester teacher education programs after five years. In Canadian research in teacher education: A polygraph series (Vol. 12) [eBook]. Canadian Association for Teacher Education/Canadian Society for the Study of Education. http://dx.doi.org/10.11575/PRISM/39656 


Best Paper Award, 19th International Mobile Learning Conference 2023 Lisbon, Portugal

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Resources for learning about 'O Canada'

Image compiled by Kai Schribner

I compiled a resource list to highlight diverse versions of 'O Canada' and teaching tools designed to facilitate learning about the anthem. The list is linked HERE, and features: 

This resource is the Appendix referred to in the article, Birch, H. (2022). Canadian Students Should Have an Informed Personal Stance on their National Anthem “O Canada.” Canadian Music Educator, 63(3), 39-46.