Heather J. S. Birch

April 14, 2022

Tyndale's Got Talent

The 2021-2022 BEd cohort hosted a Talent Show and invited me to participate! Stephen and I sang this Irish Blessing to end the event.


May the road rise to meet you

May the wind blow at your back

May the sun shine warmly on your face

May the rain fall softly on your fields

And until we meet again

Until we meet again

May God hold you in the hollow

Of His hand

Heather Birch and Stephen Krasna sing an Irish Blessing, Heather accompanies on piano

April 4, 2022

Chapter Publication - the story of the Tyndale BEd

This e-book features one chapter written about each teacher education program in Ontario. Tyndale's unique program is described by my colleague, Dr. Carla Nelson and I within Chapter 17.

LINK to the full book: Initial teacher education in Ontario: The four-semester teacher education programs after five years

LINK to Chapter 17: Teacher education at Tyndale: Faith-based, privately-funded, publicly accountable

March 28, 2022

Resources for learning about 'O Canada'

Screenshots from a video showing O Canada sung in many languages

I compiled this resource to highlight diverse versions of O Canada and teaching tools designed to facilitate learning about the anthem. The Resource is linked HERE, and features:

  • Teaching resources related to the Canadian anthem

  • Unique versions of the anthem

  • Indigenous voices

  • Black Canadian voices

  • A capella versions

  • Voices of children

  • Instrumental versions

  • Alternatives to ‘O Canada’

This resource is the Appendix referred to in the article, Birch, H. (2022). Canadian Students Should Have an Informed Personal Stance on their National Anthem “O Canada.” Canadian Music Educator, 63(3), 39-46.

March 23, 2022

O Canada!

Article published in the Canadian Music Educator.

Birch, H. (2022). Canadian students should have an informed personal stance on their National Anthem, “O Canada.” Canadian Music Educator, 63(3), 39-46.

Canadian Students Should Have an Informed Personal Stance on their National Anthem “O Canada”

Mosaic made from tiles in the Long Line group pool, compiled by Kai Schreiber

January 14, 2022

Current podcast list

October 26, 2021


Cross-Curricular Integration

Guest Lecture: Social Studies Pedagogy, Junior-Intermediate

The Tyndale Community Commitments are first agreed to in written form, with lists of look-fors and signatures. These dot depictions are a visual way to represent our commitments to growing as a community in the areas of professionalism, excellence, equity, collegiality, and service.