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Heather Joseph-Witham, Ph.D. Heather Joseph-Witham – Movies & TV


Received a B.A. in Political Science from UCLA in 1988. She received her doctorate from the now defunct Folklore and Mythology Program at UCLA in 1998.

Visiting Vampires in the Big Easy

UFOs in Derbyshire

Expert for True Nightmares show on Discovery ID channel about the Hammersmith ghost/murder case, October, 2016, season 2, ep 2:

Expert on Podcast called MonsterTalk, an official podcast of Skeptic Magazine regarding folklore, legends and monsters, September, 2016:

Interviewed for a Weather Channel program on Tornados and folklore, airdate October 2014.

Food Network Challenge.  I appear as a judge regarding Ghost Story Cakes for the Halloween episode of the series, October, 2011.

Featured guest on XM Sirius radio show, ‘Freewheelin’ with Meredith Ochs regarding the legend of the Mudflap girl on May3, 2011.  Also quoted in a article about the same image:

Paranormal Radio.  I was the featured interviewed on an 1/ ½ hour radio program regarding ghosts and legends in June, 2009,  regarding Halloween stories, October 2010 and regarding Christmas Folklore in December, 2010

Atlantis.  I was interviewed for a National Geographic documentary on the origins and folklore of Atlantis in August, 2010.

Animal Icons:  Hollywoods Creepiest Creatures.  I appear as the expert regarding the folklore and meaning of numerous animals that appear in films.  These include werewolves, bats, dogs, cats, insects and flying creatures.  Air date, October, 2004.

A&E Biography:  Catwoman.  I appear as the expert on cats and the catwoman character alongside Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry.  Air date – July 21, 2004.

Mythbusters.  Season 3.  I am the folklore expert, I tell the urban legends and comment upon their meanings.  The show has contracted for 24 episodes and 3 specials for this and season 4.  I have filmed several episodes.  Air dates – July 27 through 2006.

Mythbusters.  Season 2.  I was the expert in each of the 13 episodes wherein 2 special effects experts try to prove or disprove the veracity of urban legends.  Air dates – Fall 2003 through 2004.

Mythbusters.  Season 1.  I appeared as the folklore expert for each of the first 3 episodes.  Air dates – Fall, 2002.

Exploring the Unknown.  I was the episode expert regarding the curse on King Tut’s tomb.  Air date – November, 1999.

Real Ghosts.  I am shown throughout the episode discussing the meaning of ghost and spirit experiences.  Air date – 1997

Mysteries, Magic and Miracles.  Episode expert regarding ghost stories and beliefs.  Air date – April, 1997.

The Other Side.  NBC T.V. show entitled “Angel On My Sh«oulder.”   I appeared as the expert on Angelology.  Air date – August 10, 1995.

The Other Side.  NBC T.V. show entitled “Doubles.”  I appeared as the expert on         doppelgangers.  Air date – March 6, 1995.

Mysteries, Magic, and Miracles.  Sci-Fi Channel program.  I discuss definitions, uses of, and meanings of superstitions and folk beliefs.  Air date – December 8, 1995.

Sightings.  Fox television episode entitled “Comets.”  I appear as an expert regarding folk beliefs surrounding comets and weather lore.  Air date – November 11, 1995.

The X-Files.  Episode written by Sarah Charno.  Air date – April 1995.  I researched Rumanian »folk beliefs  and magic for the show.


REGAL CON invited guest.   Presented on Sex and Violence in Fairy Tales and told a host of stories!, May 2015.

Comicon panelist on Part-time creative work on a full-time schedule, July 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013.

CONDUIT guest of honor.  I will be holding a vampire tea party and presenting a variety of panels including ones on ghosts, legends, myths, fairy tales and the ouija board, May, 2013.

WONDERCON panelist.  Full-time Creative work on a Part-time schedule, April, 2013

COMIKAZE panelist.  Full-time Creative work on a Part-time schedule, September, 2012.