School of Divination, Healing & Spirituality

Who We Are :

Heart of Sophia Academy focuses on helping our

clients and students on their personal development, improving their well being and transforming themselves to live a happier, more empowering andloving life.

We are a holistic academy and centre that aims to help people who are ready to learn and grow through our courses and services.

Our Chief Consultant - Kelvin Khemiel

The founder and Chief Consultant of the academy, Kelvin, started his spiritual journey when he was 15 years old. He has devoted his life in this field, acquiring knowledge from multiple disciplines. He is accredited in Tarot, Numerology and Crystal Healing.

He is also certified in Fengshui and Aura Soma (colour therapy). In particular, Kelvin is renowned for his expertise in Family Constellation to help people and families heal.

Kelvin has been featured in television programmes and magazines (he used to be a columnist for i-weekly). He is often invited to other countries in Asia as well as the UK, Ireland and Switzerland to conduct courses and spread the teaching to those who seek to find a happier pathway.


Discover the motivations behind our decisions, why we repeat the patterns that are not beneficial and yet we are unable to stop ourselves - these are just some of the areas that Family Constellation can offer insights into.

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A safe and easy divination technique used to answer and give very accurate insights to what we wish to know. If you have questions about any area of your life, the cards can tell you more about the context, influences and actors at play.

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Using coloured equilibrium bottles with ingredients derived from crystal and plant extracts, we choose a bottle we resonate with and the colours tell us who we are, what our gifts are and the way forward.

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Founded by Pythagoras, this technique uses numbers to bring about self-awareness and a greater understanding of our gifts, personalities, developmental areas and how they interplay with others. We could then place ourselves in favourable environments and situations that play to our strengths and be better prepared during periods of challenges.

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Fengshui is about the placement of objects and the movement of energy (ie Qi). Fundamentally, it involves the owner, the house and how we want the land to work for us. Find out the easiest and most comprehensive solutions for the Fengshui in your house!


A relaxing treatment where soothing energy is introduced into the bodily system. Prolonged use of Reiki helps to improve a person's state of health not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally. It helps one to feel more peaceful and calm and thus feel happier overall.

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Crystals were used as ancient tools of healing and have been revered with the ability of producing miracles as the minerals in crystals have the same composition as those in the human body. We can benefit positively from the energy of the crystals by understanding the dynamics of the crystals' interaction with the physical body.

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Healing starts when we are honest with ourselves about our feelings. To express our emotions without fear of judgement in a sacred space of understanding and acceptance is a freeing experience and a discovery to what is truly important to us. Now is the time to listen to your inner voice. Free yourself and unlock your heart. Life awaits you!


Introducing two of our signature classes:

1) Journey to the Core

3 hours of guided self-reflection and healing session on the theme of the day. Starting with the discourse on the theme, everyone will get a chance to share our own situations and experience and receive guidance and insights from the facilitator to improve our lives.

* Every Tuesday at 8pm

2) Family Constellation

This is a therapy from Europe which offers unique perspectives addressing the root cause of the issues in our lives, such as stagnancy, health, family dysfunctions, relationships, career, repetitive patterns and finances etc.

This session allows participants to work on themselves at a deeper level, thus living a life that is more empowering and free.

* Every 1st Sunday of the month at 1pm

* Dates and themes subject to changes, please contact us for more details. Fees apply.

66 Telok Blangah Road, Harbourlights Singapore 098830

Tel: (65) 9646 1698