About Heart & Sol Farm

Heart & Sol Farm is a local source of naturally grown fruits, vegetables, and melons.

Food for you and your community is grown using natural and ecologically responsible farming practices.

Heart & Sol Farm’s Commitment to Social and Ecological Sustainability:

  • Purchases local organic seeds and enriches the soil with natural and ecologically sustainable fertilizers, maximizing both the nutritional value of what you’re eating and keeping the soil healthy for future generations.

  • Buys from local seed producers to support an economy close to home.

  • Packages with compostable materials in order to limit plastic pollution in landfills, oceans, and the greater natural environment.

  • Is a small­-scale farm that emphasizes the use of human-scaled equipment, tools, and labour, in order to limit the use of petrochemical based fuels and make efficient use of the food that supplies energy for work.

  • Uses a carefully planned intensive approach to make the most efficient use of our precious and limited agricultural soils.

  • Organic growing methods are applied and will continue to be used as a means of creating a sustainable food system and culture.

Feel free to contact the farmer, Jon French, to find out more about the farming practices or inquire about growing specific varieties of products for your home, kitchen, or restaurant.

Check out my basic educational video series on my YouTube Channel: Heart & Sol Farm