Healthy  Kids  Cooking  Classes  for  all  Ages:

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Parents thank you for your patience as we update our website.  Please email, call or text me if you are looking to register for classes.  We do have classes in all locations continuing.


This is me with Dr. William Sears (Dr. Bill) at a training I attended.  He is a famous pediatrian located in California and author of over 40+ books.  I love being able to share the Lean Starts Programs.

Meet the Owner:

Hello Everyone,

My name is Denise Bradley and I am a Certified Healthy Hands Cooking Instructor and the owner of Healthy Steps Kids Cook.  I am not a professional chef, but a mom on a mission to eat healthier and get my family to as well.

I am so excited to share my cooking classes with your families & help them learn about Healthy cooking too. 

Why should you attend one of my classes?  Not only am I a mom of 4 picky young adults, but I am also a certified Health Coach with the Dr. William Sears Wellness Institute.  One thing I have learned is that people know that they need to make a change but they don't because they lack the skills & tools.  That is where I come in.  My job is to share ideas to help fill your toolbox so that you will be inspired to make healthier choices.  I have found that when people know why they need to make a change, and have the tools, they make them and gain success to live a healthier life.   And that goes for kids too!!

As a mobile business owner I have the flexibility to set up my kitchen in any location.   Which means I can bring the class to your location.  

My classes are perfect for schools, community centers, special events, afterschool programs, homeschool classes & groups, classroom demonstrations, library programs, Scout troops, and so much more.  They are affordable because I supply everything you need at each class and I choose quality ingredients.  We don't need a full kitchen to cook up some fun.  Lets start cooking with STEAMM!



Community Partners:  

Parents registration prior to class is necessary to allow me to plan, shop and prepare enough food for each child attending as well as make any needed changes to accommodate for allergies.  

Registration closes a few days prior to class.  

Last minute registration will be considered but not guaranteed.  

Contact me:   772-222-7510

I need your help to share with others about my amazing classes!


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We offer Homeschool classes Too!  

Join me in Stuart, Port St. Lucie or Tequesta!!  Vero started 11/22

Registration Open: 

All of our classes are fun and engaging.  If you are looking for a more hands on class experience?  Then one of these classes will do.  These classes are designed to have more hands on learning like basic kitchen skills, peeling, knife safety, chopping & dicing.  Students will follow a recipe and prepare & cook their meal.   These classes are usually 1.5 -2H long.  Cost:  $28 - $45/student       (Pricing based on supplies needed for class & cost of space used)

Healthy Hands Cooking even has programs designed for an afterschool program.  So if you are looking to provide something after school just inquire.

These classes are on Sundays twice a month at the Market on Main at Flagler Park in Downtown Stuart.  9a - 1p.  We are on the side porch of the Flagler Center facing the Park.

I can tailor any of my classes to meet the needs of your group or budget.   Just message me for details.  Or click the link to the left. 

Not sure if your kids will love cooking class?   Then one of these class demonstrations is for you.   Students will assemble/cook their own recipe.  These classes are generally 1 - 1.5H long and usually share activities.  Cost:  $10 - $28/student (Pricing based on supplies needed for classes & cost of location)

I can tailor any of my classes to meet the needs of your group or budget.   Just message me for details.  Providing a location decreases the cost.

772-222-7510  or

Large groups can be a demonstration class that is FREE or a quickly assembled meal like the preschool class pictured. (Price based on size of group and cost of supplies)

Learn  a  little  more  about  Healthy  Hands  Cooking!!

Learn About Gardening:

Request more info regarding upcoming gardening classes!

Learning to cook is just 1 part of what kids learn in class, We also talk about where food comes from and why quality of food matters!  Here are some photos from my Tower Garden classes.  These classes help kids learn more about where food comes from and how we use fresh herbs and veggies for cooking.

Grow your own food for cooking.  It easy and fun.  From lettuces, & other greens, to squash, tomato's, green beans, herbs & spices.

I partnered with Healthy Hands Cooking because it aligned with the philosophy I already was teaching with my Health Coaching classes from Dr.  William Sears.

HHC Class Recipes are Based on the Following Food Philosophy:

by Detria Branch, Contributing Editor      HHC Certified Instructor, Nutritional Health Coach

In a perfect world, we strive to uphold standards that we hope will pass on to our children and the families which they are apart.   As we navigate this winding highway on the road to good health, it is integral that we are aware of not only providing ingredients with which to create tasty and healthy meals and snacks, but quality foods, from clean, pure and wholesome sources.  

Below are the preferred guidelines from which we look upon, whenever possible, to ensure that we are doing our part to support the health of our children, our economy and our planet.