Health Science Research :

Understanding, Identifying, Locating, & Reviewing

Scholarly Research on Health & Nutrition Topics

This website is all about scholarly research for students in the health sciences and related disciplines. In each section of this site, you will find invaluable strategies and information about popular and scholarly articles, steps of the research process, different types of research articles, how to locate these resources in library databases, and how to efficiently read an article for your usage. The information presented here will prove especially useful for research on nutrition, biology, nursing, and other health disciplines.

Click the text or image above to access a particular section of this site. You will find the following information on each page:

  • Introduction - An overview of the differences between scholarly and popular articles, original research and review articles, and different types of scholarly articles.
  • Research - A basic primer on how and where to do research on health science topics.
  • Reading - An explanation of the structure of health science research articles as well as tips and tricks for reading them.
  • More Info - A collection of links to external sources and a list of references/sources of the information on this site.